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Newgate Air Systems – New Dust, Fume & Ventilation Installation

In a recent addition to the ‘case studies’ pages of our website, Newgate Air Systems has highlighted the installation of a new dust, fume and ventilation system for an engineering client in Newcastle.

Newgate Air were commissioned to undertake the work based on our ability to design, manufacture and install bespoke multi-process extraction installations that meet exacting specifications and come in within budget. Like many of our projects, this particular installation also had to be completed without any disruption to the production schedule of the plant.

One of the major challenges of the project was that this was a full Zone 1 ATEX installation. (ATEX refers to EU directives concerning the removal of flammable, explosive and hazardous dust and gases.) In this instance all equipment had to be designed and constructed in such a way that there would be no risk of fire or explosion. Newgate Air built the entire system using flameproof drive motors & fans with non-sparking electrical components. All equipment was fully earthed and to meet full HSE requirements the dust extraction plant incorporated an explosion relief facility.

The exhaust duct for this project was a metre in diameter requiring the erection of a steelwork access platform and monitoring station and a steel acoustic enclosure for noise reduction.

The changeover from the old dual dust & fume extraction system to the new installation was completed in a single weekend and the engineering plant was in full production on the next working day.

Newgate Air Systems has a great reputation for developing multi-process extraction systems, typically involving :-

  • Wood waste dust extraction
  • Weld fume extraction
  • Lead burning extraction
  • Vehicle exhaust fume extraction
  • Gas appliance flue dilution extraction
  • General fume extraction

Newgate Air design, manufacture and install extraction and ventilation systems for clients across the the UK and Europe. For further information on Newgate Air Systems check out our website at or give us a call on 0191 262 3015