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Safe and Effective Fume and Dust Extraction Systems

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newgateAt Newgate Air Systems Ltd, we work with companies and employers in an effort to provide a healthy environment for employees, visitors and anybody entering their premises. The majority of areas in any industrial setting will produce a number of breathing hazards, such as wood waste dust, weld fumes, lead burning fumes, vehicle exhaust fumes, gas appliance flue dilution and general fumes and dust. This type of pollution can cause potentially severe health problems, and has to be dealt with by the experts. Soldering fumes for instance are a danger to the health of individuals working within many industries ranging from food production to aircraft manufacture. These industries are crucial and fulfil the everyday needs of society, but people who are associated with them need to be protected from any negative impact on their health.

This is why professional implementation of dust and fume extraction systems are such a necessity, not only for the wellbeing of employees etc, but to preserve and promote the healthy growth of the industry. Although workers who use solder or are around when the soldering process is being performed, are required to be trained in the safe use of the material. However, soldering fumes and dust are still emitted and can cause health issues if not controlled effectively.

This is just one of the numerous situations that the team at Newgate Air Systems Ltd, deal with frequently, and for which our efficient extractor systems are ideal. Once in place, this state of the art, extraction machinery works to clear the air, and vastly inhibit the chance of breathing problems, eye irritation and other issues exacerbated by workplace fumes or dust.

Newgate Air Systems Ltd, are specialists in the application of dust and fume extraction, and strive to provide a solution to every specific problem. We stock some of the highest quality filters from some of the biggest names in the business, giving outstanding durability and an exceptional operation. All of our superior filters are offered at extremely attractive, highly competitive prices.

We are stockists of cartridges, panel filters, cages, filter bags, inserts, gauges and control panels covering every need. Our consultants will perform a thorough investigation and diagnosis of your particular concern, and will advise on the best and most cost effective procedure, and if desired can design a tailored extraction and control system.

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