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Why Is Metal Fabrication So Important?

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metal fabricationMetal fabrication and technology are making all kinds of things possible with exciting new techniques and versatile materials. We have been forming metal into useful and practical items in the UK since the Bronze Age. Basic shapes were created at first with things such as arrow heads for hunting and cultivation tools. Copper was discovered first, which was used mainly to make tools, utensils and items of jewellery. Unfortunately, copper wasn’t very resistant to wear and tear, but when bronze was discovered it was a different story.

Bronze was much stronger than copper and quickly replaced it for producing tools, weapons etc. When iron came along this was also favoured as strong and hard wearing. The emergence of these metals played a huge role in the formation of society enabling ease of transportation and consequently trade growth. The fact that these materials have been used to describe large chunks of human history as in the ‘Bronze Age’ and ‘Iron Age’ etc, demonstrates how important they have been.

Steel is an excellent metal, a superior solution, free from some of the disadvantages of other metals such as cast iron which can be brittle. Steel is perfect for an infinite amount of uses and new innovations are cropping up every year. Skilled fabricators such as our associate company, Unicorn Sheet Metal Works, create precision fabrications for a wide range of customers. Leaders in the industry, their processing methods include Waterjet Cutting and Laser Cutting to provide customers exceptional quality every time. Their talents are regularly applied in a variety of projects from aluminium oil rig gangways to decorative aluminium and steel balustrades.

Unicorn cater to customers in many locations across the UK, offering excellent value for money. You can even order products online 24/7, by using their simple process to create your own order.


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Dust and Fume Filtration One Stop Shop


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skyAt Newgate Air Systems Ltd, we love a challenge, and can usually provide the perfect solution for every issue related to fume and dust extraction. We design, manufacture and install complex systems, which often have to be tailored to each customers specific needs. It is essential that these projects are carried out to the highest standards by qualified professionals if health and safety requirements are to be fulfilled. We consult with customers and work closely with them applying exceptional attention to detail, ensuring every aspect of the job is considered. As a result our skilled team experience an excellent amount of positive feedback, and we find that customers frequently request further contracted work either for themselves or others with similar needs.

One of our challenging projects involved extraction of fumes from a moving fume source. To capture and contain fumes from a steel profile burning process is an extremely tricky operation requiring the initial application of thinking caps! We accomplished the task however, via a series of carefully designed hoods covering the width of the profile burning table. Other successful projects carried out recently include the design of the main exhaust systems, and internal rig cabinet extract system for a busy laboratory which was using portakabins as lab space.

We were also contracted to complete a job for an electrical manufacturer, which involved a particularly complicated process. A totally new configuration was required for a clean room extraction. This was far from straight forward, and there were a number of issues which had to be resolved. These problems were overcome and the outcome was a big thumbs up for our engineers.

A significant feature of what we offer are our range of filters, which are manufactured by some of the biggest and most reputable names in the industry, yet our prices are highly competitive. Contact us to find out more on 0191 262 3015.

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Bespoke Dust and Fume Extraction Products and Services

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At Newgate Air Systems UK Ltd, we are committed to providing each customer with a bespoke, functional and efficient dust or fume extraction solution. This is demonstrated by our determination to become a one stop shop, delivering every filtration need. We have an extensive knowledge of all aspects of dust and fume extraction and control, and our expertise allows us to fulfil most customer requirements. Not only do we consult, design, manufacture, install and maintain high quality dust and fume extraction and control systems, we also stock a wide range of filters, gauges and cartridges for all types of extraction equipment.

We are one of the few companies who offer a first class consultancy service, and have frequent success with identification and troubleshooting of problem areas. Our specialists have the advantage of excellent training and a wealth of experience in all dust and fume extraction issues.

We pride ourselves on supplying some of the most revolutionary, efficient and cost effective technology available on the market today, and are happy to tackle any problem presented to us. Seemingly insurmountable difficulties have been solved using a system of consultancy, investigation and design strategies. A made to measure service from Newgate Air Systems, includes extremely accurate measurements and calculations, enabling exceptional functionality and HSE compliance.

We can carry out thorough Local Exhaust Ventilation [LEV] tests to ensure that any equipment is working safely and effectively. This is a legal requirement for any employer who utilises this machinery. Testing involves examination of equipment including filters, ducts and hoods. The system is also checked for technical performance and effectiveness is assessed. In the event that your system is not up to the required standards we can make the appropriate recommendations.

Filters are one of the most important aspects within any dust and fume extraction system, and inadequately functioning filters will have a significant overall impact on performance. Periodic servicing of your unit will expose this kind of irregularity and indicate whether filters need to be replaced or not. Newgate Air Systems, stock an impressive range of filters from some of the biggest names in the industry, at highly competitive prices.

To arrange your FREE site survey call Newgate Air Systems on 0191 262 3015

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See the Sights with Local Van and Car Hire


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The area around Tyne and Wear is a heady mix of interesting and exciting things to do and see, including museums, galleries, historical buildings, contemporary architecture, cultural events and lots of fabulous shopping. Many people choose to hire a car or even a van in order to make a day or a weekend of it. This ensures that your transport for the trip is comfortable, and performs reliably, as a hire vehicle from a reputable company will typically be expertly maintained. A pocket friendly local vehicle hire solution can be found with our web promotion partners Economy Hire. Their vans and cars can be hired for attractively low prices and they charge just £50 deposit! You can drive your Economy Hire vehicle anywhere within a 100 mile radius of Newcastle, and visit as many places as you wish. They are a flexible company and customers can also take advantage of their half day hires.

The Baltic in Gateshead lies on the south bank of the River Tyne, and is the largest gallery of its kind in the world drawing in thousands of visitors. Not only does it offer exhibitions from some of the most innovative international artists, but there is a lively schedule of additional activities and events. These include Preview Parties, Family Tours, Toddler Tuesdays, Children’s Exhibition Explorer Packs, themed adult events and facilities include a car park.

Fans of any kind of music will love the Sage at Gateshead, which features 26 rooms and an education and participation programme, bars and cafés. Hailed as one of the top 5 best concert halls in the world, the building alone is worth a visit with its unusual organic shell like shape, and its acoustic interior design. Alternatively there is the hands on experience at the Life Science Centre in Newcastle Upon Tyne which will demand the attention of every member of the family, including a fascinating under 7’s area. Outdoors visitors will find an ice skating rink and a 4D motion ride.

This is just a small example of the variety of reasons to visit Tyne and Wear in your hire van or car from Economy Hire. Give them a call on 0191 295 5455.


Vehicle Hire in Newcastle, Clean, Reliable & Well Maintained Cars & Vans for Local Hire, Tyne & Wear


Safe and Effective Fume and Dust Extraction Systems

Professional Dust & Fume Extraction, Control Collection Filters, COSHH LEV Testing, Consultation Service

newgateAt Newgate Air Systems Ltd, we work with companies and employers in an effort to provide a healthy environment for employees, visitors and anybody entering their premises. The majority of areas in any industrial setting will produce a number of breathing hazards, such as wood waste dust, weld fumes, lead burning fumes, vehicle exhaust fumes, gas appliance flue dilution and general fumes and dust. This type of pollution can cause potentially severe health problems, and has to be dealt with by the experts. Soldering fumes for instance are a danger to the health of individuals working within many industries ranging from food production to aircraft manufacture. These industries are crucial and fulfil the everyday needs of society, but people who are associated with them need to be protected from any negative impact on their health.

This is why professional implementation of dust and fume extraction systems are such a necessity, not only for the wellbeing of employees etc, but to preserve and promote the healthy growth of the industry. Although workers who use solder or are around when the soldering process is being performed, are required to be trained in the safe use of the material. However, soldering fumes and dust are still emitted and can cause health issues if not controlled effectively.

This is just one of the numerous situations that the team at Newgate Air Systems Ltd, deal with frequently, and for which our efficient extractor systems are ideal. Once in place, this state of the art, extraction machinery works to clear the air, and vastly inhibit the chance of breathing problems, eye irritation and other issues exacerbated by workplace fumes or dust.

Newgate Air Systems Ltd, are specialists in the application of dust and fume extraction, and strive to provide a solution to every specific problem. We stock some of the highest quality filters from some of the biggest names in the business, giving outstanding durability and an exceptional operation. All of our superior filters are offered at extremely attractive, highly competitive prices.

We are stockists of cartridges, panel filters, cages, filter bags, inserts, gauges and control panels covering every need. Our consultants will perform a thorough investigation and diagnosis of your particular concern, and will advise on the best and most cost effective procedure, and if desired can design a tailored extraction and control system.

Call us on 0191 262 3015

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High Quality, Rust & Corrosion Free, Low Maintenance Garden Sheds at Competitive Prices

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SM Sheds image 1c

Your new garden shed is a real feature of your home and garden, smart, strong, useful and an excellent place for storing all kinds of things like lawnmowers, electrical tools, bicycles, DIY materials and garden furniture. Unfortunately that unbelievable bargain shed you bought may not be up to standard leaving your stored items vulnerable. Extremely cheap can often mean extremely inferior as many people have found to their disappointment. A look at some shed company review sites will confirm this, with comments such as ‘next to useless’, ‘false economy unless you want them to only last a month’ and ‘blew down during first strong wind’. The companies in question are usually deficient when it comes to customer service too and reviews state things like, ‘cheap shed, extortionate delivery prices’, ‘delivery service awful’ and ‘confusing assembly instructions’.

Sheds can look alike, but that’s sometimes where the similarity ends! Within a very short time after purchase [that’s assuming you have managed to assemble it with no hitches] a cheap, substandard shed will begin to show signs of deterioration. This may start as a result of water seepage through badly fitting or misaligned joints or poor drainage, leading to condensation and corrosion. This can cause a number of problems like mould and rust formation, eventually rotting the body of the shed. It gets worse! A frequently occurring scenario is where your stored items are affected by the damp conditions. Machinery, dry plaster, garden furniture upholstery and anything else in the vicinity may become tainted or spoiled. This means extra expense in replacing these things, so there are no real savings in the long run.

You can prevent these unfavourable events altogether by ensuring that you buy from a reputable shed and outdoor storage company. Our web promotion partners SM Garden Sheds offer a vast range of outdoor storage buildings, and providing quality products and services is their top priority. You will find some of the most popular names on the market when you browse their comprehensive website. Manufacturers of plastic and metal sheds like Lifetime, Keter, Duramax, Emerald, Biohort, Lotus, Canberra, Asgard and Easy Kit are all available at highly competitive prices.

At SM Garden Sheds, they are committed to customer satisfaction, and are happy to go the extra mile to achieve this. Take a look at their impressive testimonials page, while browsing their huge range of metal, UPVC and timber sheds, garages and workshops. Customers will also benefit from FREE delivery to most of mainland UK.

Give SM Garden Sheds a call for some expert advice about their range of sheds and outdoor storage buildings on 0845 601 6299.

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Innovative & Highly Functional Air Conditioning Systems

Melcotel Mitsubishi Hotel Air Conditioning Central Control System, Off Site Manufacture, Installation, Design, VRF Heat Recovery


Turn Key Air Conditioning, are web promotion partners of Newgate Air Systems, and are experienced in all types of air conditioning system installation, including hotel air conditioning and maintenance. It has been noted that this process requires a clear and concise understanding of the complete proposed system layout and function. The involvement of installers at the design stage of any air conditioning project, is recommended and makes for a smooth and successful outcome. During the planning stage, Turn Key Air Conditioning will use their skills and knowledge to identify any potential problem areas, and advise accordingly. As air conditioning specialists, they are also aware that considerations include co-ordination with staff and other trades within the hotel to ensure there are no hiccups due to lack of communication.

Turn Key Air Conditioning are all about innovation and exciting new technology, and as air conditioning systems have become more highly sophisticated and versatile, they have seen an incredible uptake amongst hotels and similar premises. Clients of Turn Key Air Conditioning include the international Cairn Group, who include the Crown Plaza chain of Hotels. The Group are conducting a substantial rolling programme of hotel refurbishments, involving work on the air conditioning systems. The most exacting standards are crucial to this work, which is why Turn Key Air Conditioning have been contracted to carry out the projects.

Bell House Hotel in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, used Turn Key Air Conditioning to complete their air conditioning project as part of their hotel refurbishment, and were introduced to Mitsubishi systems. These quality air conditioning systems are specifically designed for use in hotels, and meet a number of needs in this respect. A popular and ground breaking bespoke system developed by Mitsubishi was implemented into the Bell House Hotel room network. The Melcotel system enables independent heating and cooling control in all rooms and other hotel areas such as the bar, reception, restaurant, gym, changing rooms and spa.

The unique Mitsubishi heat recovery VRF system is ideal for bedrooms, with its BSEN 378 compliance. This ensures that safety issues are covered in the event of problems like refrigerant leakage, and determines safe maximum concentration levels. The system also provides a solution to the issue of noise, which is an ongoing concern for hotels.

Turn Key Air Conditioning have fulfilled other major projects for luxury apartments in St James Crown Plaza Hotel, opposite Buckingham Palace, the Hotel Indigo in Kensington, Kings Cross Hotel in London, Newcastle Airport Hotel and Arthouse Hotel, Glasgow.

Call Turn Key Air Conditioning on 0191 438 7410

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Precision Engineering of Sheet Metal by Waterjet Cutting

Newgate Air Systems are proud to share the happy news of our sister company, Unicorn Sheet Metal Works. Unicorn are delighted to announce the arrival of their new baby – the Bystronic Byjet Classic 4022 waterjet cutting system. The latest addition to the family joins twin Trumpf laser cutting machines to give Unicorn the edge when it comes to the precision engineering of metal parts and components. We think this makes us an uncle.

In all seriousness, the Bystronic Byjet waterjet cutting system is a tremendous piece of a kit and a true feat of engineering. The Classic 4022 is able to cut through sheet metal of over 100mm thickness by utilising a fine sprayhead that operates at up to 3600bar pressure. Waterjet technology slices through all metals including  stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper and titanium. It is the perfect tool for accurately shaping hardox and armour plating.

With an area cutting bed of 4m x 2m and dual cutting heads, when it comes to waterjet manufacturing, Unicorn Sheet Metal Works are thinking big and working twice as fast.

Waterjet cutting has many advantages over traditional metalwork techniquesincluding guillotining and drilling. It is fast, effective, works to incredibly high specifications, and through efficient CAD processing, turns out exact replica parts and components time after time. Waterjet cutting can also be a cheaper alternative to laser cutting and comes into its own when shaping reflective metals.

Unicorn Sheet Metal Works use waterjet cutting when manufacturing stainless steel components for the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. Waterjet cutting is employed for cutting brass plate and machine parts for shipping and offshore oil companies, and for accurately manufacturing lightweight titanium profiles for the aerospace industry.

For more examples of how waterjet cutting helps British manufacturing, visit Unicorn at


Sheds, Precision Engineered Metal Sheds & Garden Storage Products

Newgate Air Systems Ltd are happy to report the arrival of SM Garden Sheds to the partner pages of our website.

SM Garden Sheds is one of the UK’s leading online retailers of garden storage products. With over 30 years in the business, SM Garden Sheds are the experts in sourcing, stocking and selling all manner of sheds, garages and storage containers as well as an excellent choice of garden seating, arbours, gazebos and garden accessories.

In fact choice is the key to SM Garden Sheds success. They don’t just sell sheds. They sell traditional timber sheds in every size, style and design. They have sturdy metal garden sheds with integrated security features, and they have an excellent range of heavy duty plastic sheds that are strong, versatile and virtually maintenance free.

The same choice extends to their garages  with timber, metal and heavy duty plastic garages suitable for every home. Or why not go for a carport. SM Garden Sheds have free standing single and double carports along with lean-to carports in modern materials, designed to handle the worst of the British weather.

A popular option at the moment is the Canberra low pent roof metal utility shed. Constructed to the same high specification as it’s larger cousins, this model is only 142cm high making in perfect for smaller gardens where it can be tucked away discretely or positioned below the window line. The Canberra low pent roof shed is commonly found on residential caravan sites. It offers excellent security, plentiful storage space and is small enough to blend into its surroundings.

For more information on sheds, garages, bike stores, greenhouses or smaller storage units, see the latest article on the Newgate Air Systems website or visit Delivery is free to most areas of the UK mainland.

Fume Extraction & Dust Collection During The Winter

Newgate Air Systems are specialists in the extraction of harmful gases, fumes and dust particles from the working environment. Many industrial and laboratory processes generate toxic fumes and pollutants which must be safely extracted, filtered or collected to comply with health & safety regulations. Fumes and dust can contaminate other areas of manufacturing, damage electrical systems or be highly flammable or explosive.

Newgate Air Systems work throughout the UK and in Europe with clients in all the major manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We work closely with smaller factories, garages and manufacturers, especially in and around Newcastle and the North East of England.

On our travels we see many dust and fume extraction systems which either fail to meet the H&S requirements or do so at an unnecessarily high cost due to incorrect specification and design. At the extreme end, we occasionally come across smaller manufacturers, especially vehicle repair centres and fabrication plants where the idea of ventilation and fume extraction is to open a window,

In some instances, open door vehicle inspection bays may allow for adequate ventilation during the summer months. During the winter, when temperatures drop, these doors and windows are often closed to keep the warmth in, along with harmful exhaust gases and welding fumes.

All fumes, gases and pollutants can be disastrous to health. The symptoms of breathing in diesel fumes include eye, nose, throat and lung irritation. There can be feelings of dizziness, drowsiness, high blood pressure, nausea and headache. Other symptoms are kidney damage and reduced ability of blood clotting. With other solvents and gases the signs to look out for include burns around the mouth and nostrils, a hoarse voice, wheezing, drooling, noisy breathing, confusion or disorientation.

For more information on the symptoms of toxic fumes and gases – or for expert advice on the extraction and collection of fumes and gases – visit