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Innovative & Highly Functional Air Conditioning Systems

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Turn Key Air Conditioning, are web promotion partners of Newgate Air Systems, and are experienced in all types of air conditioning system installation, including hotel air conditioning and maintenance. It has been noted that this process requires a clear and concise understanding of the complete proposed system layout and function. The involvement of installers at the design stage of any air conditioning project, is recommended and makes for a smooth and successful outcome. During the planning stage, Turn Key Air Conditioning will use their skills and knowledge to identify any potential problem areas, and advise accordingly. As air conditioning specialists, they are also aware that considerations include co-ordination with staff and other trades within the hotel to ensure there are no hiccups due to lack of communication.

Turn Key Air Conditioning are all about innovation and exciting new technology, and as air conditioning systems have become more highly sophisticated and versatile, they have seen an incredible uptake amongst hotels and similar premises. Clients of Turn Key Air Conditioning include the international Cairn Group, who include the Crown Plaza chain of Hotels. The Group are conducting a substantial rolling programme of hotel refurbishments, involving work on the air conditioning systems. The most exacting standards are crucial to this work, which is why Turn Key Air Conditioning have been contracted to carry out the projects.

Bell House Hotel in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, used Turn Key Air Conditioning to complete their air conditioning project as part of their hotel refurbishment, and were introduced to Mitsubishi systems. These quality air conditioning systems are specifically designed for use in hotels, and meet a number of needs in this respect. A popular and ground breaking bespoke system developed by Mitsubishi was implemented into the Bell House Hotel room network. The Melcotel system enables independent heating and cooling control in all rooms and other hotel areas such as the bar, reception, restaurant, gym, changing rooms and spa.

The unique Mitsubishi heat recovery VRF system is ideal for bedrooms, with its BSEN 378 compliance. This ensures that safety issues are covered in the event of problems like refrigerant leakage, and determines safe maximum concentration levels. The system also provides a solution to the issue of noise, which is an ongoing concern for hotels.

Turn Key Air Conditioning have fulfilled other major projects for luxury apartments in St James Crown Plaza Hotel, opposite Buckingham Palace, the Hotel Indigo in Kensington, Kings Cross Hotel in London, Newcastle Airport Hotel and Arthouse Hotel, Glasgow.

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Precision Engineering of Sheet Metal by Waterjet Cutting

Newgate Air Systems are proud to share the happy news of our sister company, Unicorn Sheet Metal Works. Unicorn are delighted to announce the arrival of their new baby – the Bystronic Byjet Classic 4022 waterjet cutting system. The latest addition to the family joins twin Trumpf laser cutting machines to give Unicorn the edge when it comes to the precision engineering of metal parts and components. We think this makes us an uncle.

In all seriousness, the Bystronic Byjet waterjet cutting system is a tremendous piece of a kit and a true feat of engineering. The Classic 4022 is able to cut through sheet metal of over 100mm thickness by utilising a fine sprayhead that operates at up to 3600bar pressure. Waterjet technology slices through all metals including  stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper and titanium. It is the perfect tool for accurately shaping hardox and armour plating.

With an area cutting bed of 4m x 2m and dual cutting heads, when it comes to waterjet manufacturing, Unicorn Sheet Metal Works are thinking big and working twice as fast.

Waterjet cutting has many advantages over traditional metalwork techniquesincluding guillotining and drilling. It is fast, effective, works to incredibly high specifications, and through efficient CAD processing, turns out exact replica parts and components time after time. Waterjet cutting can also be a cheaper alternative to laser cutting and comes into its own when shaping reflective metals.

Unicorn Sheet Metal Works use waterjet cutting when manufacturing stainless steel components for the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. Waterjet cutting is employed for cutting brass plate and machine parts for shipping and offshore oil companies, and for accurately manufacturing lightweight titanium profiles for the aerospace industry.

For more examples of how waterjet cutting helps British manufacturing, visit Unicorn at