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Ecodan Air Source Heat Pumps for Energy Efficiency

Newgate Air Systems friends and web partners Turn Key Air Conditioning have added a shining  example of their products and services on the project pages of their website.

TKAC are a design to completion heating and air conditioning company who work in partnership with architects, planners and others in the creation of state of the art energy solutions. Last year they were commissioned by engineering consultants Thornley & Lumb to design, manufacture and install the heating system for a new-build special needs primary school in Sheffield. TKAC were selected because of their experience and expertise is creating imaginative and environmentally sensitive heating systems. In the case of Woolley Wood School the challenges included restricted access to the site, limited space and the need to reduce carbon emissions by more than 20% while also reducing energy consumption.

Turn Key opted for Ecodan air source heat pumps for the project. Air source heat pumps are classified as a renewable energy technology because of the ingenius heat transfer technology that generates a Coefficient of Performance of (COP) 3.2. Put simply, for every 1kW of energy consumed, 3kW of energy is created. Ecodan air source heat pumps work in ambient temperatures from -20C to 40C, making them ideal for the British climate, producing hot water up to 70C.

TKAC have a great reputation for off-site manufacturing so to get around the problem of site access they built the entire heating system in their own manufacturing facilities. The heating system was constructed on two skids which were positioned directly onto anti-vibration pads on the roof of the school. This removed the need for structural alterations to the property or the erection of the  load bearing plinths that are often associated with heating and air conditioning systems.

Once in situation, the new air source heating system only needed to be connected to water and electricity supplies and was then heating and supplying hot water to the whole school. Ecodan air source heat pumps from Mitsubishi reduced CO2 emissions by over 30% and exceeded all energy efficiency targets set by the commissioning local authority.