Affordable Air Conditioning from

Every business wants it. Those that have it wouldn’t be without it. Customers expect it. Employees appreciate it. It adds value – to the building, to the company and to the business.

Yet many businesses won’t consider air conditioning because they are afraid of what they imagine to be high installation costs and ongoing running costs. The reality is, modern air conditioning is far more affordable than most people expect. Custom designed air conditioning systems from specialists such as Turn Key Air Conditioning use the latest energy efficient technologies to create the perfect atmosphere in any location.

There is now another way to make air conditioning work for you. Lease Air Conditioning is an offshoot of TK Air Conditioning  specialising in Lease Hire Finance for the installation and maintenance of air conditioning.

There are many benefits to Lease Finance arrangements including:-

  • Fixed monthly payments unaffected by interest rate changes
  • No deposit or other security required
  • Lease Finance preserves lines of credit for other applications
  • Payments for air conditioning are 100% Tax Allowable

New businesses, established companies, landlords and letting agents all benefit from Lease Hire Finance arrangements for air conditioning as the charge of the whole project including air conditioning and other building works is a tax deductible business expense.

Tax efficient Lease Finance can also include the cost of maintenance and servicing of air conditioning and it can even cover all consutant fees, architects fees, planning costs and other expenses without the need for payments in advance.

Further information on the tax benefits and cost savings of lease hire finance for air conditioning is available at