Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Refrigeration and Cold Storage

Newgate Air Systems know a thing or two about clean air and healthy work conditions. So do our friends and web partners, Airfrost Ltd. Airfrost are a Lancashire-based company serving the North of England with the complete range of refrigerated food and drink stores, from chiller cabinets to blast freezers. Airfrost cold storage and refrigerated display units are found in bars, clubs, restaurants, shops and cafes.

Airfrost are also achnowledged experts in the design and installation of bespoke air conditioning systems. With forty years experience in the industry, Airfrost have witnessed the changes in air conditioning technology.

Once considered a luxury, air conditioning is now something we often take for granted. When we are staying in a hotel, we expect a pleasant temperature in the same way that we expect excellent customer service and welcoming surroundings. The same is true for shopping and dining out and if we feel uncomfortable in one environment then, as customers, we will move on to somewhere else.

The good news for business owners, managers and landlords is that modern air conditioning is not only affordable but with breakthroughs in air conditioning technology it is also environmentally friendly. One example of technological innovation is in the development of heat exchange systems. Airfrost regularly install VAM heat recovery units or VRV systems as part of a combined air conditioning and ventilation system. Heat exchange systems work by recycling latent heat energy while exchanging stale air for fresh clean air. Not only does this maintain consistent temperature and humidity levels but leads to a considerable saving in costs.

Airfrost design air conditioning for the specific needs of the client. Whether it is a directed cooling system for computer rooms or a general air conditioning installation for a hospital or office block, Airfrost air conditioning systems are cost effective and energy efficient.

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