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Industrial Units To Let and Workshops For Rent in Wallsend

Newgate Air Systems are proud of our North East roots and our Geordie heritage. But from a practical point of view we’d have been hard pressed to find a better location for our business. As an engineering company with fume & dust extraction contracts all over the UK and in Europe, Willington Quay in Wallsend is the perfect venue. Wallsend is in the heart of the Tyne & Wear metropolis. With the Tyne Tunnel on our door step it is as easy to get across the river to Sunderland, South Shields, Jarrow and Gateshead as it is get to our immediate neighbours in Newcastle, Whitley Bay, North Shields and Tynemouth. Wallsend is on the A19 / A1(M) for all roads north and south. We are on the Tyne & Wear Metro line, a stone’s throw from the national rail network and a short distance from Newcastle International Airport. From the ferry and freight terminals on the Tyne to the local markets – including the thriving Royal Quays Shopping Centre on our doorstep – Wallsend perfectly situated for new and existing businesses.

Marine Buildings Ltd currently has 6 newly refurbished industrial units and workshops to let at their Willington Quay facility in Wallsend. From 2,000 sq feet to over 11,000sq feet, Marine Buildings is ideal for small and growing businesses. Each workshop and industrial unit for rent features electrical roller shutter doors, excellent power and lighting, non slip tiled floors, toilets and generous parking. The site is secured behind a high Palisade security fence and monitored by CCTV. With low rents and flexible terms available there has never been a better time to move to new businesses premises on North Tyneside.

Marine Buildings’ industrial units and workshops would be ideal for light engineering companies, manufacturers, textile companies, mechanics, recycling projects, storage, construction and training facilities. For further information check out the website at or give them a ring on 07762 434 234 to arrange a visit.


Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Refrigeration and Cold Storage

Newgate Air Systems know a thing or two about clean air and healthy work conditions. So do our friends and web partners, Airfrost Ltd. Airfrost are a Lancashire-based company serving the North of England with the complete range of refrigerated food and drink stores, from chiller cabinets to blast freezers. Airfrost cold storage and refrigerated display units are found in bars, clubs, restaurants, shops and cafes.

Airfrost are also achnowledged experts in the design and installation of bespoke air conditioning systems. With forty years experience in the industry, Airfrost have witnessed the changes in air conditioning technology.

Once considered a luxury, air conditioning is now something we often take for granted. When we are staying in a hotel, we expect a pleasant temperature in the same way that we expect excellent customer service and welcoming surroundings. The same is true for shopping and dining out and if we feel uncomfortable in one environment then, as customers, we will move on to somewhere else.

The good news for business owners, managers and landlords is that modern air conditioning is not only affordable but with breakthroughs in air conditioning technology it is also environmentally friendly. One example of technological innovation is in the development of heat exchange systems. Airfrost regularly install VAM heat recovery units or VRV systems as part of a combined air conditioning and ventilation system. Heat exchange systems work by recycling latent heat energy while exchanging stale air for fresh clean air. Not only does this maintain consistent temperature and humidity levels but leads to a considerable saving in costs.

Airfrost design air conditioning for the specific needs of the client. Whether it is a directed cooling system for computer rooms or a general air conditioning installation for a hospital or office block, Airfrost air conditioning systems are cost effective and energy efficient.

Further information on Airfrost refrigeration products and air conditioning systems can be found at


Ecodan Air Source Heat Pumps for Energy Efficiency

Newgate Air Systems friends and web partners Turn Key Air Conditioning have added a shining  example of their products and services on the project pages of their website.

TKAC are a design to completion heating and air conditioning company who work in partnership with architects, planners and others in the creation of state of the art energy solutions. Last year they were commissioned by engineering consultants Thornley & Lumb to design, manufacture and install the heating system for a new-build special needs primary school in Sheffield. TKAC were selected because of their experience and expertise is creating imaginative and environmentally sensitive heating systems. In the case of Woolley Wood School the challenges included restricted access to the site, limited space and the need to reduce carbon emissions by more than 20% while also reducing energy consumption.

Turn Key opted for Ecodan air source heat pumps for the project. Air source heat pumps are classified as a renewable energy technology because of the ingenius heat transfer technology that generates a Coefficient of Performance of (COP) 3.2. Put simply, for every 1kW of energy consumed, 3kW of energy is created. Ecodan air source heat pumps work in ambient temperatures from -20C to 40C, making them ideal for the British climate, producing hot water up to 70C.

TKAC have a great reputation for off-site manufacturing so to get around the problem of site access they built the entire heating system in their own manufacturing facilities. The heating system was constructed on two skids which were positioned directly onto anti-vibration pads on the roof of the school. This removed the need for structural alterations to the property or the erection of the  load bearing plinths that are often associated with heating and air conditioning systems.

Once in situation, the new air source heating system only needed to be connected to water and electricity supplies and was then heating and supplying hot water to the whole school. Ecodan air source heat pumps from Mitsubishi reduced CO2 emissions by over 30% and exceeded all energy efficiency targets set by the commissioning local authority.

Newgate Air Systems – New Dust, Fume & Ventilation Installation

In a recent addition to the ‘case studies’ pages of our website, Newgate Air Systems has highlighted the installation of a new dust, fume and ventilation system for an engineering client in Newcastle.

Newgate Air were commissioned to undertake the work based on our ability to design, manufacture and install bespoke multi-process extraction installations that meet exacting specifications and come in within budget. Like many of our projects, this particular installation also had to be completed without any disruption to the production schedule of the plant.

One of the major challenges of the project was that this was a full Zone 1 ATEX installation. (ATEX refers to EU directives concerning the removal of flammable, explosive and hazardous dust and gases.) In this instance all equipment had to be designed and constructed in such a way that there would be no risk of fire or explosion. Newgate Air built the entire system using flameproof drive motors & fans with non-sparking electrical components. All equipment was fully earthed and to meet full HSE requirements the dust extraction plant incorporated an explosion relief facility.

The exhaust duct for this project was a metre in diameter requiring the erection of a steelwork access platform and monitoring station and a steel acoustic enclosure for noise reduction.

The changeover from the old dual dust & fume extraction system to the new installation was completed in a single weekend and the engineering plant was in full production on the next working day.

Newgate Air Systems has a great reputation for developing multi-process extraction systems, typically involving :-

  • Wood waste dust extraction
  • Weld fume extraction
  • Lead burning extraction
  • Vehicle exhaust fume extraction
  • Gas appliance flue dilution extraction
  • General fume extraction

Newgate Air design, manufacture and install extraction and ventilation systems for clients across the the UK and Europe. For further information on Newgate Air Systems check out our website at or give us a call on 0191 262 3015



Affordable Air Conditioning from

Every business wants it. Those that have it wouldn’t be without it. Customers expect it. Employees appreciate it. It adds value – to the building, to the company and to the business.

Yet many businesses won’t consider air conditioning because they are afraid of what they imagine to be high installation costs and ongoing running costs. The reality is, modern air conditioning is far more affordable than most people expect. Custom designed air conditioning systems from specialists such as Turn Key Air Conditioning use the latest energy efficient technologies to create the perfect atmosphere in any location.

There is now another way to make air conditioning work for you. Lease Air Conditioning is an offshoot of TK Air Conditioning  specialising in Lease Hire Finance for the installation and maintenance of air conditioning.

There are many benefits to Lease Finance arrangements including:-

  • Fixed monthly payments unaffected by interest rate changes
  • No deposit or other security required
  • Lease Finance preserves lines of credit for other applications
  • Payments for air conditioning are 100% Tax Allowable

New businesses, established companies, landlords and letting agents all benefit from Lease Hire Finance arrangements for air conditioning as the charge of the whole project including air conditioning and other building works is a tax deductible business expense.

Tax efficient Lease Finance can also include the cost of maintenance and servicing of air conditioning and it can even cover all consutant fees, architects fees, planning costs and other expenses without the need for payments in advance.

Further information on the tax benefits and cost savings of lease hire finance for air conditioning is available at

Turn Key Air Conditioning – Design to Completion

Turn Key Air Conditioning are one of the UKs leading air conditioning specialist providing a design to completion  service that extends to maintenance and servicing of all air conditioning installations.

TK Air Conditioning stay up to date with all the latest air conditioning technology to design the most efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective air conditioning systems available in the UK. TKAC work with architects,  landlords, property developers and planning departments. Each project is designed to the customers specifications and requirements, paying close attention to costs, aesthetics and environmental emissions legislation.

Although Turn Key Air Conditioning is a Business Solutions Partner of Mitsubishi they work with all the major air conditioning manufacturers including Daikin and Toshiba. TKAC bring all this experience together on every design and installation project.

TKAC are always happy to be involved from the beginning on new build projects and they are equally adept at installing top quality and affordable air conditioning to older properties. They are also the experts in installing air conditioning systems with the minimum impact on the day to day running of the client’s business. Exceptional planning and the fact that up to 80% of the installation process is carried out off-site means that TKAC can install air conditioning with the minimum of fuss and upheaval. This is an important factor for many of their customers who include hotels, shopping malls, airports, office blocks and public buildings.

For further information on Turn Key Air Conditioning design, manufacture, installation or maintenance services, check out the TKAC page on our website or find them at





Unicorn Sheet Metal Precision Engineering

Newgate Air Systems welcome friends and web partners Unicorn Sheet Metal Ltd onto our webpages. Unicorn are a sheet metal fabrication company who specialise in the precision engineering of metal parts and components.

Unicorn Sheet Metal Works Ltd have a solid background in traditional sheet metal fabrications. While they continue to provide the complete range of metal fabrication services including MIG welding, TIG welding, machining, milling, drilling and tapping, Unicorn have consistently invested in the latest technologies.

Unicorn Laser Cutting is the most technologically advanced production method for metal parts and components available. Precision laser cutting reduces the cost to the customer by being a faster process than tradtional metal cutting methods and combined with Unicorn’s ‘nesting’ techniques  it produces far less waste. With precision metal laser cutting, parts and components are produced to exact specifications time and time again.

The latest addition to the tools at Unicorn’s disposal is a Trumpf Trumatic 3030 Laser model. This high capacity 3kw laser cutter can process metal plate from 0.5mm to 20mm thick with a bed capacity is 3metres x 1.5metres.

Unicorn Sheet Metal Works clients come from every corner of the industrial world and include car manufacturers, the aviation industry, shipping and petro-chemical companies. Recent products coming through Unicron’s state of the art production facilities include armoured plating for the automotive industry, engine fan assemblies, machine parts for the textile industry, aluminium vents, stainless steel machine tool parts and signs & lettering for supermarket chains.

For further information on the services provided by Unicorn Sheet Metals have a look at Unicorn on the partner pages of our website or check out